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OHSU Inclement Weather Information

Every day more than 10,000 vehicles travel up Marquam Hill carrying thousands of people to work, school or their health care provider. Their safety is extremely important to us. That's why OHSU has developed a hotline for the public to use when wanting to learn more about weather conditions on the hill.

Information about road conditions on Marquam Hill, and other information for patients, students and employees, is available 24 hours a day, by calling the OHSU weather hotline at 503-494-9021.

The hotline also includes news about the entrance roads to the campus, such as whether any traction devices are required for vehicles traveling on Sam Jackson Park Road, which is an urban snow zone. Terwilliger, another primary route up the hill, is not an urban snow zone, and Campus Drive is kept clear by OHSU Facilities Management.

No matter how severe the weather may be, Oregon Health Sciences University always remains open to provide vital health care to patients. However if adverse weather conditions present travel problems or other unsafe situations school, office or lab activities may be altered. Information about those changes is available on the OHSU weather hotline at 503-494-9021.


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