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6th Annual Women's Health Conference to be Held April 28th

   Portland, Ore.

"A New Day For Women's Health," the Sixth Annual Women's Health Conference, presented by OHSU is designed to be an exploration and discussion of the differences between men and women from a medical perspective. The conference, presented by OHSU's Center for Women's Health is planned for Saturday, April 28, starting at 8 a.m. at the Oregon Convention Center. The conference Marquee Sponsor is Fred Meyer, which supports this event through its Nutrition Centers and Pharmacies. Kris Eisenhauer, R.N., B.S.N, KOIN-TV medical reporter, is scheduled to give the welcoming remarks.

Scientists and physicians actively involved in gender-based biology will discuss ongoing research. Gender based research benefits men as well as women. The more we understand about the differences between men and women, the more we can understand the uniqueness of men's health as well as women's health.

Presentations and workshops will focus on gender differences including information on different symptoms and risk factors for various diseases such as skin cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

In addition to informative speakers, Power of the Drums, Beauty of the Dance will be presented by Patience Bright Sewor and Alex Addy, performers with the Obo Addy African Drum and Dance Ensemble.

A new feature this year will be an interactive room with displays centered on seven areas important to women's health.

These displays will be staffed by trained clinicians and include interactive exhibits created in conjunction with OMSI. The interactive areas address: breast health, menopause, pregnancy; bone health, heart health, mental health, and healthy aging. Each area will offer personalized assessments of risk factors and lifestyle choices, and are designed to provide information tailored to each woman's individual health needs.

Featured topics and speakers include:

• "The Differences Between Men and Women: Today's Research is Revealing Tomorrow's Cures." Gerald Schatten, Ph.D., associate research director of the Center for Women's Health, will discuss discoveries on the root causes of diseases and how they are leading to innovative cures using genes and cells and how the fundamental differences between men and women are being uncovered. He will also consider the future of gender-based medicine and the benefits for women. Schatten is also a senior scientist at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center and professor of obstetrics and gynecology and cell and developmental biology in OHSU's School of Medicine.

• "Women's Health, Is It Finally A Priority?" Yvonne Maddox, M.D., acting deputy director of the National Institutes of Health will talk about how the federal government is focusing on women's health research and where that research will take us in the next decade.

• "Women, Heart Disease, Hormones and Hostility." The speaker is Noel Bairey Merz, M.D., director of the Preventative and Rehabilitative Cardiac Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, associate professor of clinical medicine, Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, at the University of California, Los Angeles. She will speak on why women's symptoms of heart disease are very different from men, how more women are dying from heart disease than ever before, and how we can change this. Merz is sponsored by Ferguson Wellman Capital Management, Inc.

• "No More Diets! Eating to Take Charge of Your Life." Ruth Carey, specialist in nutrition for sports and fitness and healthy lifestyles, will talk about which foods fight diseases and help keep us healthy, and why it's OK to eat chocolate and drink a little red wine. Carey, R.D., L.D., works with Nike and the Portland Trail Blazers. She is sponsored by The Oregon Beef Council.

• "Sex: The Differences in the Way Men and Women Are Wired." Jeffrey Jensen, M.D., associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and Jillian Romm, R.N., M.S., L.C.S.W., an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, both at OHSU's School of Medicine, will explain the latest research on why men and women differ in sexual behavior and experiences.

• "A Strong Funny Bone: A Fun Way to Strengthen Your Bones." Linda Frank, a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer at the Multnomah Athletic Club and the Willamette Athletic Club, will explain how a woman can use fun lifestyle choices and exercise to strengthen her bones.

• "Consumer Rights 101: What Women Should Know About the Legal System." Marilyn Cover is the executive director of the Classroom Law Project, a national, nonprofit legal service. She will discuss consumer rights and explain what is needed to make the legal system work for you. Cover also is an adjunct professor at Northwestern School Law of Lewis and Clark College.

• "East Meets West, A Patient Can Be Treated With Alternative Forms of Medicine." Anne Nedrow, M.D., director of women's primary care and integrative medicine at OHSU's CWH, will talk about how health problems can be treated with both a conventional and alternative forms of medicine. She will explain how conventional medicine can integrate a mind/body/spirit approach. Nedrow is also an assistant professor of medicine, (general internal medicine), and assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at OHSU's School of Medicine.

• "The Latest in Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment - From Diet to Drugs." Eric Orwoll, M.D., director of the OHSU clinical research center and Kathy Phipps, R.D.H., associate professor in the OHSU School of Dentistry are the speakers. They will talk about the latest drugs available to fight osteoporosis and how healthy lifestyle choices can combat this condition. Orwoll is also a professor of medicine, (endocrinology, diabetes and clinical nutrition) and assistant dean for research at OHSU's School of Medicine. Phipps is a member of OHSU's bone and mineral research unit.

• "Yoga is for Everybody." Holiday Johnson, owner of Holiday's Health and Fitness Yoga Center and a yoga teacher for 25 years in the Portland area, will speak about renewing energy and attaining tranquility while developing strength, endurance and flexibility.

• "Skin Care Tips and Pitfalls: How to Have Healthy Skin at Any Age Without Spending a Fortune." Bruce Russell, M.D., medical director of the Kietra Corporation, and a former OHSU assistant professor of dermatology, will review some of the new laser techniques, discuss cosmetic and topical treatments, and discuss how to keep your skin looking healthy at a minimal cost.

• "Relax, It's Good For You." Michael Brody, R.N., B.S.N, L.M.T, Wellness Coordinator for OHSU's Healthy Aging Project, specializes in stress management. He will teach conference participants some simple means to manage physical and emotional stress.

• "How to Make Food That Is Good For You Taste Good." Emily Crumpacker, B.S., home economics and nutrition, and communications, OSU, Grand Diplome d'Etudies Culinaires, La Varenne, Paris, will demonstrate easy ways to cook with soy and other healthful foods.

The conference admission is $35. For continuing nursing education credit, an additional $7 is required. Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. To make a reservation or for more information call 503 494-0515, or visit the Web site at


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