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OHSU Joins DEQ In Kicking Off Air Pollution Prevention Season on World Asthma Day, May 3

   Portland, Ore.

Employees asked to keep emissions down on high-smog Clean Air Action Days

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Oregon Health & Science University will hold a joint news conference to underscore the health implications of ground level ozone or "smog" for all residents, especially individuals who suffer from respiratory problems, (even when smog levels are low), and simple actions people can voluntarily take to prevent air pollution this summer.


  •  Andy Ginsburg, Air Quality Division Administrator, DEQ
  •  Molly Osborne, M.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs, OHSU
  •  John Burnham, Director, Environmental Health & Radiation Safety, OHSU
Each speaker will briefly address the policy, health and pollution prevention aspects associated with the Clean Air Action Day program. OHSU also will highlight its voluntary pollution prevention efforts on Clean Air Action Days.


11:00 a.m., Thursday, May 3 (World Asthma Day)


Outdoor gazebo east of OHSU Hospital

Background: On hot summer days, pollution from cars and other gas-powered engines, and smog-producing chemicals from household products can create unhealthy smog. On those days, a moderate- or high-Clean Air Action Day pollution prevention advisory urges people to drive less, use alternatives to driving such as taking transit or riding a bike, postpone mowing with a gas-powered mower, and switch to low-solvent consumer products like non-aerosol deodorant or hair gel.

There will be two types of advisories this summer:
  • A "Moderate" advisory will be called when air pollution levels may affect "ozone sensitive" individuals, such as those who suffer from asthma or emphysema.
  • A "High" advisory will be called when ozone levels may actually exceed the federal standard for ozone.
DEQ and the Southwest Washington Clean Air Agency will jointly issue an air pollution prevention advisory on both moderate and high Clean Air Action Days. Local businesses and residents are urged to take actions to reduce smog on those days.

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