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OHSU Proposal Makes Three-Year Commitment to Nurses

   Portland, Ore.

ONA Rejects This Latest Offer

Oregon Health & Science University administration today offered a revised proposal to its nurses that would increase their salary by 20 percent over a 39 - month contract. Unfortunately, the Oregon Nurses Association rejected OHSU's offer and did not reduce its own wage proposal. Nurses at OHSU have been on strike since Dec. 17 over wage and benefit issues.

"We feel this offer demonstrates OHSU's long-term commitment to its nurses by giving them guaranteed substantial raises for three consecutive years," said Bonnie Driggers, R.N., M.S., M.P.A., interim associate hospital director for patient care services. "This proposal meets our goals of remaining fiscally responsible at a time of economic uncertainty and keeping our nurses' salaries well above inflation over a long-term period."

The ONA decided not to put OHSU's offer to its members for a vote.

The OHSU proposal breaks down as follows:

20 percent increase over 39 months

    6 percent increase in first year
    6 percent increase in second year
    6 percent increase in third year
    2 percent additional increase in months 37 - 39

$30 increase per month each year of the contract for full-time nurses

    $445 employer contribution per month in year one - same amount paid to managers and faculty
    $475 employer contribution per month in year two
    $505 employer contribution per month in year three

OHSU pays both employee and employer contributions to the employees' retirement accounts; totaling 12 percent.


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