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Healthy Aging Project Expands, Seeks Volunteers

   Portland, Ore.

The Healthy Aging Project focuses on people aged 60 years and older

The Oregon Health & Science University Center for Healthy Aging has been awarded a continuation grant for the Healthy Aging Demonstration Project from the Administration on Aging, Department of Health and Human Services. The grant funds will be used to expand and extend the work of the project. The central purpose of the Healthy Aging Project is to support participants' efforts to make positive changes in their health .

This next phase of the project will focus on people older than 60 who have at least one chronic condition. The study is seeking 300 people aged 60 years or older who have a diagnosis of one of the following conditions: diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis or neuromuscular disease. Study participants must also be able to attend program activities. The deadline to apply for the study is Oct. 15, 2002.

The Healthy Aging Project is designed to see if people living with chronic health conditions can benefit from working with a nurse-coach to more effectively manage the day-to-day problems associated with their condition. Those who volunteer to participate in this study will be randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group will be contacted at least monthly by a nurse-coach to identify and help meet individual health goals. A comparison group will continue with their usual care.

For more information about enrolling in this study, please contact the OHSU Center for Healthy Aging at 503

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