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Technology and Research Collaborations Office Focuses on OHSU's Economic Development Mission

   Portland, Ore.

TRC expands its technology commercialization capabilities with addition of new senior licensing executive

In pursuit of translating its research successes and intellectual property into an economic engine for the state, the Oregon Health & Science University Technology and Research Collaborations (TRC) office has strengthened its technology commercialization expertise by recruiting Timothy Piwonka-Corle, Ph.D., as a senior licensing executive.

³Through technology transfer and commercialization, we are working to leverage the success of OHSU¹s research programs into the creation of new economic opportunities and a stronger bioscience business infrastructure in Oregon,² said Todd Sherer, Ph.D., TRC director. ³Timothy Piwonka-Corle brings to OHSU extensive experience in product development and market analysis and, as a scientist turned business executive, possesses an excellent understanding of technology commercialization.²

Through TRC, OHSU transfers discoveries resulting from its clinical, educational and research activities to companies for commercial development and, when appropriate, creates new ventures. OHSU¹s scientists have introduced about 600 new technologies since 1985 and now averages six to seven new inventions a month. Patents from these inventions have been licensed to companies worldwide. OHSU¹s technology is being used commercially to do such things as diagnose and cure disease, advance biomedical research and clinical care around the world, and improve the management of hazardous wastes.

As a TRC senior licensing executive, Piwonka-Corle will focus on creating opportunities in Oregon, matching investors with OHSU discoveries, licensing OHSU medical technologies, and consulting on business plans and capitalization structures for potential startups based on those technologies.

Piwonka-Corle comes to OHSU from Tektronix, where he was director of its optical parametric test and monitoring product line. He also has held senior executive positions at two Oregon-based biomedical startup companies, serving as chief technology officer for National Applied Science and PI Medical. Before moving to Oregon, Piwonka-Corle spent 13 years working in the San Francisco area semiconductor equipment industry. Piwonka-Corle earned a doctorate in applied physics from Stanford University and a bachelor¹s in physics from the University of Colorado.

Members of the business and investment communities can contact Piwonka-Corle at or on his direct line at 503 494-6375.


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