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OGI School Of Science & Engineering Hires Two New Faculty, Capitalizes On Interdisciplinary Research

   Portland, Ore.

Oregon Health & Science University’s OGI School of Science & Engineering ( recently added two new faculty to complement the school’s increasing focus on interdisciplinary research in computer science, environmental science and biomedical engineering:

Brian E. Roark, Ph.D., joins the Center for Spoken Language Understanding at the School of Science & Engineering as an assistant professor of computer science and engineering. His research focuses on issues in statistical language modeling for automatic speech recognition, including supervised and unsupervised model and grammar adaptation to novel domains; discriminative language modeling; and statistical parsing of text and speech. Before joining the School of Science & Engineering, Roark was a senior technical staff member at AT&T Labs in the speech algorithms research department. He is the coauthor of the GRM library, a software library and associated command line utilities for the compilation and manipulation of various sorts of grammars, including context-free grammars and n-gram language models. He received a bachelor’s in mathematics and philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley; a master’s in information science from Claremont Graduate School; and a master’s in applied mathematics and a doctorate in linguistics from Brown University. He is an editorial board member and reviewer for the journal Computational Linguistics.

Deniz Erdogmus, Ph.D., joins the School of Science & Engineering as an assistant professor of computer science and engineering and biomedical engineering. Erdogmus’s research interests include adaptive, nonlinear, and statistical signal processing; information theory and its applications to signal processing, learning and adaptation theories; and the application of these principles to biomedical engineering, communications, and control systems. Before joining the School of Science & Engineering, Erdogmus conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Florida on biomedically oriented projects such as utilizing adaptive and learning signal processing systems to design a brain machine interface; developing new computational methods aimed at improving the performance of MRI systems; and investigating epileptic brain dynamics from an information processing standpoint. A native of Turkey, Erdogmus received bachelor’s in electrical engineering and mathematics and a master’s in electrical engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Turkey). He received a doctorate in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Florida. He is the editor of the journal Neurocomputing, a member of the IEEE Technical Committee for Machine Learning in Signal Processing, and a reviewer for more than a dozen scientific journals.


The OGI School of Science & Engineering (formerly the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology) became one of four specialty schools of Oregon Health & Science University in 2001.
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