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OHSU Hospital Ranks in Annual "Best Hospitals" Report

OHSU Hospital is the only Oregon hospital to appear in the 2006 America’s Best Hospitals rankings from U.S. News & World Report. This is the 12th consecutive year OHSU Hospital has been ranked in the report.

The annual report, which appeared in the July 7 edition of the news magazine, ranks the top 50 hospitals in each of 16 specialties. Approximately 5,200 hospitals were evaluated this year by the news magazine.

OHSU Hospital is ranked in six of the clinical categories, an increase from 2005 when the hospital was ranked in two categories. And, for those two categories that were within the top 50 in 2005 – digestive health and hormonal disorders (endocrinology) – OHSU moved up in the 2006 rankings.

Specifically, of the 5,200 hospitals evaluated, OHSU Hospital ranked 35 in gynecology, 42 in cancer, 44 in the treatment of kidney diseases, and 46 in urology. In 2006, the hospital ranked 22 in digestive disorders care, up from 35 last year; and 19 for the care of hormonal disorders (endocrinology), up from 41 in 2005.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the goal in providing this ranking information is to help patients who may need advanced treatments to identify hospitals that adhere to the highest standards of care. Those selected are mostly referral centers, where patients with complex conditions are sent for advanced care.

To determine the top 50 in each specialty category, the news magazine assigns points for a number of factors, including mortality, nurse to patient ratio, number of specialty-specific technologies, patient community services offered and reputation.

People from every county in the state rely on OHSU’s hospitals, clinics, community practices and outreach clinics. Because much of the care provided is innovative or highly specialized, OHSU is a safety net for hospitals across Oregon, caring for the hardest-to-treat patients. Without OHSU, many Oregonians would have to travel out of state for their complex medical needs.

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