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OHSU Entering Medical Students Experience Medicine, Rural Life

   Portland, Ore.

Eighteen entering first-year Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine students are getting an up-close look at the work and lives of family physicians in communities throughout the state.

The students are participants in the 20th annual Summer Observership program, which was designed to give interested students a taste of what practicing family medicine is all about. From Sunday, Aug. 6, through Friday, Aug. 11, students will live in the homes of community physicians and fully participate in the day-to-day realities of the clinical setting as well as the personal side of a family physician's life.

Summer Observership physicians act as early mentors and role models for students, and friendships that are forged often last beyond graduation from medical school.

"The Summer Observership was originally designed to stimulate student interest in and understanding of family medicine as a specialty," said Kathy Chappelle, director of the program. "At the same time, we hope to help attract future physicians to rural communities throughout the state." Observerships allow students raised in urban areas an early opportunity to experience first hand the lifestyle and rewards of being a small-town or frontier physician.  

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The following is a list of students, their locations and the family physicians with whom they're paired.
Summer Observerships:

Aumsville: Scott Hadden, M.D., and Tanie Hotan, M.D., Aumsville Medical Clinic, 205 Main St., Aumsville, 503 749-4734; student: Erin Braithwaite

Baker City: Jonathan Schott, M.D., Eastern Oregon Medical Associates, 3325 Pocahontas Road, Baker City, 541 523-1001; student, Rachel Davisson.

Brookings: Lawrence Witt, M.D., 97839 Shopping Center Ave., Brookings, 541 459-2015; student, Larry Tiglao.

Burns: Kevin Johnston, M.D., High Desert Medical Clinic, 559 W. Washington St., Burns, 541 573-2074; student, Patrick Kinney.

Chiloquin: Curt Hanst, M.D., Klamath Tribes Health Clinic, 202 Pioneer St., Chiloquin, 541 783-3293; student, Evelyn Ford.

Coquille: James Sinnott, M.D., Coquille Medical Center, 790 E. Fifth Street, Coquille, 541 396-3111; student, Craig Riley.

Corvallis: Mark Rampton, M.D., Corvallis Family Medicine, 2400 N.W. Kings Blvd, Corvallis, 541 757-2400; student, Ilan Maizlin.

Eugene: Mark Lyon III, M.D., Peace Health Medical Group, 3299 Hilyard St., Eugene, 541-342-3338; student, Kyle Kent.

Hermiston: T. Douglas Flaiz, M.D. and Guy Oltman, M.D., Family Health Associates, 600 N.W., Eleventh St., Hermiston, 541 567-6434; student, Marianna Shultz.

Lebanon: William Barrish, M.D., Park Street Clinic, 325 Park St., Lebanon, 541 451-7200; student, Tien Luoh.

Madras: Doug Lieuallen, M.D., Madras Medical Group, 76 N.E. Twelfth St., Madras, 541 475-3874; student, Amariek Jensen.

McMinnville: Leslie Brott, M.D., Physicians Medical Center, 254 N.E. Norton Lane, McMinnville, 503 472-616; student, Sharl Azar.

Newberg: Andrew Mendenhall, M.D., Providence Family Medicine, 308 Villa Road, Newberg, 503537-1850; student, Rebecca Williams.

Redmond: Dawna-Marie Fixott, M.D., Cascade Medical Clinic, 211 N.W. Larch, Redmond, 541 548-2164; student, Rebecca Anderson.

Salem: Michelle Rasmussen, M.D., Pacific Family Medical Center, 1285 Liberty St. S.E., Salem, 503 540-7477; student, Rachel Marsh-Rydman.

Salem: James Heder, M.D. and Mark Scherlie,D.O., West Salem Family Practice, 1275 Wallace Road N.W., Salem, 503 371-3232; student, Christopher Stauffer.

Salem: Daniel Harris, M.D., Lancaster Family Health Center, 3896 Beverly Drive N.E., Salem, 503 588-0076; student, Corey Rood.

Warm Springs: Miles Rudd, M.D., Warm Springs Health Center, 1270 Kot-Num Road., Warm Springs, 541 553-1196; student, Robert Farrell.

Rural Family Medicine Experience students (second year):

Bend: July 31 to Aug 5; Stephen Knapp, M.D., 726 Wall St., Bend, 541 382-4721; student, Seth Williams.

Klamath Falls: Aug. 13-18; Jerri Britsch, M.D., Klamath Medical Clinic, 1905 Main St., Klamath Falls, 541 882-4691; student, Jamie Keller.

Klamath Falls: Aug. 14-18; Joyce Hollander-Rodriguez, M.D., Cascades East, 2801 Daggett Ave., Klamath Falls; 541 885-4606; student, Archana Patel.

Lincoln City: Aug. 7-11; Dean Orton, M.D., 3043 N.E. 28th St., Lincoln City, 541 996-7188; student, Jill Rasmussen.

Medford: Aug. 5-11; Jennifer Thoene, M.D. and Brent Burket, M.D., La Clinica del Valle, 3617 S. Pacific Hwy., Medford, 541 535-6239; student, Amara Sheppard.

Stayton: Aug. 14-18; Paul Neumann, M.D., Stayton Memorial Hospital, 1401 N. Tenth St., Stayton, 503 769-6386; student, Rudy Kimmerling.
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