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Hood River, Madras Selected for Important Cancer Screening Study

Two rural Oregon communities to take part in the screening study
Hood River and Madras residents soon will be invited to take part in an important  rural cancer study that could help improve access to cancer screening. Beginning soon, the Oregon Health & Science University Department of Family Medicine researchers will conduct telephone surveys asking men and women aged 50 and older about their health, their health insurance, and what kinds of cancer screening they have received in their communities. The American Cancer Society is funding this research, which will continue through 2010. 

Researchers will also work with medical practices in each community to understand cancer screening that is done or recommended to patients there. They will then meet with community leaders and health care providers to share study results and promote a discussion about how communities and physicians can work together to improve cancer screening and increase access to these services for those who are uninsured or underinsured.

Previous studies have established the link between health insurance status and cancer screening, but most have not taken into account a patient’s cancer risk or the free cancer screening resources offered in specific communities. This study aims to evaluate the role of health insurance and how it affects access to screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer, said Patricia Carney, Ph.D., principal investigator, associate director for Population Studies at the OHSU Cancer Institute, and professor of family medicine, OHSU School of Medicine.

About the OHSU Cancer Institute
The OHSU Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute-designated center between Sacramento and Seattle. It comprises some 200 clinical researchers, basic scientists and population scientists who work together to translate scientific discoveries into longer and better lives for Oregon's cancer patients. In the lab, basic scientists examine cancer cells and normal cells to uncover molecular abnormalities that cause the disease. This basic science informs more than 300 clinical trials conducted at the OHSU Cancer Institute.

About OHSU
Oregon Health & Science University is the state’s only health and research university, and Oregon’s only academic health center. OHSU is Portland's largest employer and the fourth largest in Oregon (excluding government), with 12,400 employees. OHSU's size contributes to its ability to provide many services and community support activities not found anywhere else in the state. It serves patients from every corner of the state, and is a conduit for learning for more than 3,400 students and trainees. OHSU is the source of more than 200 community outreach programs that bring health and education services to every county in the state.

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