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Federally Certified Rural Health Clinics Report Released

Certified clinics are an important part of the rural health care delivery system
The Oregon Office of Rural Health at Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon Rural Health Association have released the 2008 Oregon Certified Rural Health Clinics Report. The comprehensive report, funded by a grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust, includes the history, types of and eligibility for Certified Rural Health Clinics, as well as information pertaining to Isolated Rural Health Care Facilities, services, technology and financial status. It also contains recommendations on potential policy issues and internal management practices. It can be found online at Hard copies are available through the Office of Rural Health.

“Certified Rural Health Clinics are an important component of the rural health care delivery system,” says Scott Ekblad, director, Office of Rural Health. “We face incredible challenges in delivering health care in rural Oregon. Without these clinics, many Oregonians would have no access to health care.”

Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) were established by Public Law 95-210, the Rural Health Clinic Service Act, in 1977. The purpose of RHCs is to increase primary care services for Medicaid and Medicare patients in rural communities. RHC ownership/governance structure can be public, private or nonprofit. Additional information

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