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Book by Acclaimed Eating Disorders Expert Receives National Praise

Oregon Health & Science University psychiatrist Dr. Kathryn Zerbe has published a new textbook that provides a comprehensive, compassionate approach to the treatment of eating disorders

Oregon Health & Science University eating disorders expert Kathryn J. Zerbe, M.D., has published her fourth book, “Integrated Treatment of Eating Disorders: Beyond the Body Betrayed,” to the delight of her peers nationwide. Her first eating disorders book, “The Body Betrayed,” is considered to be a landmark contribution to the treatment of eating disorders, and her latest book is receiving similar reviews.

"Grounded in a tremendous depth and breadth of scholarship and extensive clinical experience, this book is perhaps the field's most eloquent synthesis of contemporary clinical perspectives on eating disorders to date,” said Joel Yager, M.D., past president, The Academy for Eating Disorders. “Addressing all those seeking compassionate and effective treatment approaches to eating disordered patients, Dr. Zerbe weaves together comprehensive pearls of evidence based information, detailed clinical stories, and huge dollops of wisdom. Written with heartfelt caring and poetic perceptiveness, this is a book I will return to often, and one that I will eagerly recommend to students, trainees, colleagues, patients, and their families."

Zerbe’s newest book provides a comprehensive approach to the treatment of eating disorders, including pharmacological and psychodynamic treatments, patient education and cognitive-behavioral therapies. She addresses phases of treatment, medical and psychological complications, how eating disorders present and are treated differently in adolescents, adults, and middle life patients, and special issues of these patients such as sexuality, what they must accomplish psychologically to get better, and more.

“Dr. Zerbe's beautifully written book is a brilliant orchestration of diverse and cross-cutting perspectives on treating patients with eating disorders. Zerbe offers a thoughtful discussion and synthesis of diverse therapeutic approaches -- nuanced, practical, and wise -- that will help clinicians transcend the limits of any one particular method as they navigate treatment of these complex, multifaceted illnesses," said Anne Becker, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of medical anthropology and of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Zerbe, a professor of psychiatry, and obstetrics and gynecology in the OHSU School of Medicine, has spent nearly 30 years helping hundreds of women with eating disorders recognize the destructiveness of their behavior, identify the underlying cause and achieve a happier, healthier existence. Zerbe also is a Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at the Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute. She is a distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a fellow of the Academy of Eating Disorders, and a member of the American College of Psychiatrists and the American College of Psychoanalysts.

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