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OHSU Opens Two New Hospital Floors, Expands Services to Cancer Patients

The final expansion phase of the OHSU Peter O. Kohler Pavilion focuses on providing the best healing environments for people with cancer and their families

Oregon Health & Science University is opening two new floors in the OHSU Peter O. Kohler Pavilion. This second and final phase of the Kohler Pavilion expansion provides the most cancer beds under one roof in Oregon, and enhances the high-quality care provided to some of Oregon’s most vulnerable patients. At OHSU, delivering the best possible health care remains the highest priority no matter the external economic circumstances.

The 13th floor will care for medical and surgical patients with a variety of oncology diagnoses. The 14th floor is dedicated to adult patients who undergo bone marrow transplants or require treatment for hematologic malignancies. These patients spend at least two weeks in the hospital during their transplant, and with approximately 170 bone marrow transplant patients each year, the space will be well utilized. The floor is designed to give transplant patients a specialized and contained space to protect their compromised immune systems. Features include HEPA filtration systems in each room and surfaces that minimize dust accumulation to provide the cleanest environment.

Another special feature, and one offered only at OHSU is the adolescent and young adult gathering space on the 14th floor. This space will host support meetings and special events to encourage participation in group activities. Research has shown that compared with other age groups with cancer, adolescents and young adults often lack care that addresses their specific needs and concerns. This space is the next step in OHSU’s leading work in developing specialized care for these patients.

The physical space reflects the importance OHSU places on interdisciplinary care. Team workrooms and communication centers provide areas for oncology pharmacists, surgical and medical oncologists, specially certified oncology nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to partner in each patient’s care.

Due to thoughtful design and careful planning, the patient’s family can be close by at all times. With a focus on family-centered care, all the rooms on the two floors are private with sleeping space for at least one family member. Expanded amenities include a family shower, laundry room, additional family sleep room, and a spacious area for family meetings. These features provide a more comfortable and caring environment for cancer patients, many of whom will have extended stays.

Each floor will have four rooms with observation areas to provide a higher level of monitoring when needed, with a minimum of disruption to the patient. Additional workstations, located throughout the units, allow for closer patient monitoring overall, and are expected to boost the quality of care provided. All of the rooms have spacious bathrooms to provide easy access and maneuverability for IVs and other equipment. In addition, physical therapy is available on site and workout areas on each floor will help patients to pass the time and assist in their recovery.


OHSU's 335,000-square-foot hospital expansion, the Peter O. Kohler Pavilion, began in spring 2003 and opened to patients in June 2006. The facility provides much-needed space for hospital and outpatient services, and offers the very latest in health care innovations.

The addition of the 13th and 14th floors provides 60 new beds in the Kohler Pavilion, some of them moving from OHSU Hospital. Beds available in the pavilion now total 146. The Kohler Pavilion also houses the Center for Women's Health; medical, surgical and intensive care beds; state-of-the-art surgical services; a sterile processing area; and a 15,000-square-foot parking garage with 456 spaces.

The Kohler Pavilion is the upper loading point for the Portland Aerial Tram, which provides a quick connection for patients and care providers traveling between OHSU facilities on the South Waterfront and the Marquam Hill Campus.

The Peter O. Kohler Pavilion was named in honor of longtime OHSU President Peter O. Kohler, M.D., upon his retirement.

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