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OHSU Contacting Patients Following Theft Of A Laptop Containing Limited Treatment Information

OHSU is contacting approximately 1,000 patients after a physician’s laptop containing a limited amount of treatment information was stolen.

The computer was taken last weekend from the physician's car, which was parked at their home in Washington County.

Consistent with OHSU policies, the computer was password-protected in order to avoid misuse of the information contained on the device. OHSU does not believe the motive of the theft was to obtain information contained on the laptop. It was most likely a random event to steal and resell the computer.   

The information contained on the computer was limited to patient names, treatment dates, short medical treatment summaries and medical record numbers. Home addresses, billing information and Social Security numbers were not stored on the laptop. Therefore, it is believed that the patients are not at risk for identity theft or other related crimes. In fact, the amount of information on the laptop did not provide enough detail to require notification under the Oregon ID Theft Law. Nevertheless, OHSU has decided to inform affected patients.

OHSU strongly believes that the risk to patients is limited. OHSU has also shared information with the affected patients from the Federal Trade Commission on preventing misuse of personal information by others.


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