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Nominations requested for the 2009 Faculty Excellence in Education Awards

Annually the School of Medicine selects three to five faculty as recipients of the Faculty Excellence in Education Awards. Please nominate your colleagues for this prestigious honor. See below for nomination information and process.
The following are examples of outstanding leadership, teaching and commitment the committee uses as criteria for selecting the recipients.  

The nominee should have at least three or more years of high level involvement and  achievement at OHSU in the educational programs for undergraduate medical education or basic science graduate education.


Faculty who have provided exceptional organizational leadership in enhancing undergraduate medical education and/or basic sciences graduate education. This can be demonstrated by but is not limited to: implementation of innovative curricula or courses; or outstanding service in leadership roles such as course/clerkship director or course section leader; participation on school wide, regional or national education committees; or peer recognition for leadership roles in educational activities. 

Faculty who have advanced undergraduate medical education and/or basic sciences graduate education through the development and creation of new instructional materials or curricular designs.  This could be demonstrated by but is not limited to: development of instructional design materials such as textbooks, computer programs, videos, slide displays for laboratories;  conference presentations advancing medical education; documentation of research and/or grant support in educational theory, outcomes, practice and publication of education projects. 

Faculty who make significant contributions as an outstanding teacher and/or mentor for undergraduate medical and/or basic sciences students.  This could be demonstrated by but not limited to: outstanding teaching as judged by peers based on the effectiveness of presentation, enhanced student learning and development, concise and accurate content, and demonstrated respect for all learners and peers; collaborative skills demonstrated through cooperation with other course educators, dependability in preparing course materials on a timely basis, reliability as a course contributor, etc. effective mentor ship to medical and/or graduate students.   

Each nomination/application is expected to be accompanied by a faculty letter of support  which outlines the reasons for the nomination/application.  The letter should be no longer than 1 page in length. The support letter should specify the undergraduate medical or basic sciences graduate education activities that would qualify the nominee for the award as well as the overall contribution he or she has made to these programs. Please do not submit a full length CV, only the sections that pertain to educational support.  

Please address application and letter of support to Faculty Excellence in Education Award Selection Committee and send to Kathy Hollosy, School of Medicine, Dean's Office, L102 no later than September 25, 2009 (or e-mail to Below is a list of faculty who have received this award in the past.   

List of prior award recipients:

FACULTY EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARDS 2000-2008 Nominated and selected by the faculty in recognition of outstanding contributions to Medical & Basic Sciences Graduate Education


Per Thorborg                2003

Michael Seropian        2005

Dawn Dillman              2008                                       


Behavioral Neuroscience                                          

Chris Cunningham       2000                                       

Joe Matarazzo                2003

Tamara Phillips             2006                                       


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology                          

Buddy Ullman                2002

Peter Rotwein                2007

Ujwal Shinde                 2007                                       


Cell & Developmental Biology

Karmen Schmidt             2000   

Phil Copenhaver             2000

Michael Forte                   2004

Gary Ciment                     2008


Family Medicine

Scott Fields                      2000

Anita Taylor                      2000

William Toffler                 2001

William Toffler                 2007   Excellence in Service and Scholarship in Medical Education


Internal Medicine

Thomas DeLoughery      2000

Judith Collins                    2001

David Cook                        2002

Miles Edwards                  2003

Greg Larsen                      2003

Jack McAnulty                    2004

Diane Elliot                        2004

George Giraud                  2006

Scott Sallay                        2008


Medical Informatics

William Hersh                  2001

Christopher Dubay          2004

Cynthia Morris                  2006


Medical Genetics

Susan Olson                    2006



Richard Lowensohn       2002



James Rosenbaum        2002



Donald Houghton            2006



Dana Braner                     2000

Laura Ibsen                       2003

Michael Miller                    2007

Tracy Bumsted                 2008


Physiology & Pharmacology

Kent Thornburg                2001

Virginia Brooks                 2002

John Williams                   2002   

George Olsen                   2003

Michael Andresen            2003

Dennis Koop                     2004

Beth Habecker                  2007



James Boehnelin              2001

Robert McKelvey                2007


Public Health & Preventive Medicine

Thomas Becker                 2001

Michael Garland                2001

John Stull                            2004



Karen Deveney                   2002

John Vetto                            2006

Karen Kwong                      2007


Physician Assistant Program

Patricia Kenny-Moore         2005

William Cameron                2007


Neurosciences Program

Peter Gillespie                     2005


Vollum Institute

Gary Thomas                        2005

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