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OHSU’s Brian Druker Presents ‘The End of Cancer Is Within Reach’

Winner of ‘America’s Nobel’ says the end of cancer has begun

WHAT:          Internationally renowned scientist-oncologist Brian J. Druker, M.D., director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, will present "The End of Cancer Is Within Reach," describing the significant progress he and colleagues have made in the fight against cancer and providing hope to millions of patients and their families throughout Oregon and around the world.

Dr. Druker, a Howard Hughes Institute Medical Investigator and JELD-WEN Chair of Leukemia Research at OHSU,  recently was awarded the Lasker-DeBakey Award for Clinical Medical Research, a prize widely regarded as the most prestigious medical research award in the United States and often referred to as "America's Nobel."

Dr. Druker has revolutionized cancer research and treatment. His groundbreaking work led to the development of Gleevec, the first targeted pill to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Today dozens of molecular targeted cancer therapies are in use and hundreds more in clinical trials for all types of cancers.

Dr. Druker's goal is to treat all cancers with targeted drugs like Gleevec and make Oregon's cancer death rate the lowest in the nation. His lecture will discuss the extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead and the hurdles we still need to overcome.

"The End of Cancer Is Within Reach" is a Mark O. Hatfield Lecture.

WHEN:          Tuesday, Oct. 20, 7 to 8 p.m.

WHERE:       Newmark Theatre, 1111 S.W. Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

DETAILS:     For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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