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OCTRI announces awards

The Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute hosted the first annual OCTRI Awards Dinner on Thursday, September 24, 2009. This event gave all OCTRI Pilot Project, Strategic Initiatives, and KL2 awardees from 2007-2008 the chance to present a poster or a brief talk highlighting their accomplishments. The evening featured posters and oral presentations from over thirty OCTRI awardees, including investigators from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research (KPCHR.) Click here to view a full list of presentations on the OCTRI Web site. 

From among the wide variety of exciting OCTRI-funded research projects presented at the event, the following four projects were selected for special recognition:

Best Illustration of Progress Towards PublicationSulforaphane destabilizes the androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells by inactivating HDAC6, Angela Gibbs*, Jacob Schwartzman*, Vivianne Deng, Alex Perepechaev, and Joshi Alumkal (*equal contribution)

Best Illustration of Progress Towards Award FundingWhite Matter Damage in Age Related Cognitive Decline (ARCD), Christopher D. Kroenke, Stephen A. Back, Thomas J. Montine, Larry S. Sherman, Erin N. Taber, Xi Gong

Best Interdisciplinary or Collaborative ResearchEmergency Medical Services Monitoring Project, OHSU Team: Robert A. Lowe, Merlin Curry, Richard Harper, William Hatt, Holly Jimison, Robert Norton, Ritu Sahni, as well as Edward Kim, Helmi Lutsep, O. John Ma, and Robert M. Strongin (PSU); Intel Team: Lenitra Durham, Tim Hansen, Phil Muse, Sangita Sharma, Mary Smiley, Thomas Stroebel, Chieh-Yih Wan, Rita Wouhaybi, Mark Yarvis

Most Innovative or Novel ResearchPlaying Catch with GPIb, Owen McCarty and Jonathan Lindner

The principal investigator (listed in bold) for each prize-winning project will receive a $500 honorarium.

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