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New exhibit: “Music of the Heart: Rhythms and Murmurs”


OHSU Historical Collections & Archives announces the opening of its latest exhibit, "Music of the Heart: Rhythms and Murmurs," now on display in the main lobby of the OHSU Library.

Celebrating the important advances in cardiology made here at OHSU, this exhibit showcases artifacts, photographs, books, and manuscripts from the Medical Museum, Historical Image, and History of Medicine collections, as well as the papers of Howard J. Stroud and Melvin P. Judkins.

Focusing on the study and repair of the rhythm of the heart, the display features early works by R.T.H. Laennec and James Mackenzie, binaural and monaural stethoscopes, heart casts and models, artificial valves and pacemakers, and cardiology research conducted at OHSU in the 1950s and 1960s.


Materials will be on display through January 2010. Questions about the exhibit or the collections can be addressed to Sara Piasecki, Head, (503-418-2287, ) or Karen Peterson, Archivist (503-494-3239 or ).

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