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Database Trial: Psych Evidence Matters

Psych Evidence Matters

(through 2/15/10)

Psych Evidence Matters (Psych EM) is a mental health knowledge management system designed to help choose the best therapy options for a specific psychiatric patient with a confirmed diagnosis.
Research results are peer-reviewed and organized in an evidence-based manner into summary graphs or tables, based on therapy effectiveness, safety, and cost.

  • Psych EM answers questions on the effectiveness, safety, and costs of therapy options for a particular mental health patient, in an evidence-based manner.
  • Psych EM creates patient-customized answers via summarized, instant meta-graphs of all current research and best mental health practices from thousands of peer-reviewed journals.
  • The system is updated on a daily basis, based on new research.
  • Results may be customized for many factors, such as patient age, sex, and other demographics, as well as co-morbidities or medication intolerance.
  • Harvard and McGill-associated teaching hospital libraries are early test centers for the medical Evidence Matters, which is now in use by over 10 different nations worldwide.

Help us make our purchasing decision!  Once you've taken Psych Evidence Matters for a test drive, please fill out our (very brief) feedback survey.  Thanks!

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