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RecycleMania Week 5: Hard Plastic

The focus material for week 5 of RecycleMania at OHSU is hard plastic.

Each week during the RecycleMania event, we will focus on a single type of material that we recycle OHSU.  For our fourth week we will be focusing on hard plastic.  Hard plastic is not just bottles.  You can also recycle clam shells and yogurt containers if they are free of food debris.  Also, instrument packaging, bucket, jugs or other food packaging with Recycling numbers 1-7.  At OHSU, if you have a container for plastic, put all your plastics (soft or hard), aluminum, tin and other metals together in one container labeled for any of these, e-mail if you do not have a plastic or aluminum recycling container.  We use a lot of hard plastic at OHSU, and OHSU is paid by our vendor for this material. Please recycle all the hard plastic you can.

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