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Rep. Blumenauer calls for funding for neuroscience research at Brain Awareness Season

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer gave what attendees called an "inspiring," "right on" and "committed" presentation titled "Battling Brain Disorders: The Critical Importance of Mental Health Advocacy – for the Individual and for Society," on Feb.15 to a sell-out crowd at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. The presentation was part of the OHSU Brain Institute's annual Brain Awareness lecture series.

Congressman Blumenauer talked about the critical importance of neuroscience research to help individuals and families coping with neurological and psychiatric problems. He relied on anecdotes and personal examples from his political experience to illustrate the often powerful conflict between reason and emotion. Congressman Blumenauer commended OHSU for its work in neuroscience and said he would advocate for more support for this work, including establishing a Brain (Neuroscience) Caucus in Congress similar to the Transportation Caucus and Biking Caucus he successfully established.

Please take a moment to watch the Congressman Blumenauer video:

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