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NLM to discontinue support for Go Local projects

After a long review and evaluation process, the National Library of Medicine has decided to phase out and ultimately end its support for all MedlinePlus Go Local projects, including Oregon Health Go Local. While the news is disappointing, we at the OHSU Library support the decision made by our partners at the National Library of Medicine.

Since Go Local began 9 years ago, the Internet environment has changed and there are many sites that now offer similar local information with enhanced detail. NLM's evaluation of Go Local shows that overall use is low, with very few return visits.

Without support from the National Library of Medicine, OHSU is unable to support Oregon Health Go Local. We will be working to disseminate collected information to various local institutions as we are able. Additionally, we will supplement the loss of Oregon Health Go Local by creating, and maintaining a web page on the OHSU Consumer Health portal that can link users to the various directories of health services and licensing information throughout the state that we discovered over the course of the project.

Since its inception Oregon Health Go Local has been a project that relied heavily on community partners throughout the state. The community connections Oregon Health Go Local enabled us to make will not dissipate because the project is no longer supported by the National Library of Medicine. Instead, we come away from the experience with a large network of supporters and partners who are potential collaborators on future projects to help make a healthier Oregon.

Our work could also not have been accomplished without the support of the Oregon State Library and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Regional Library, our funders. Additionally, support from OHSU, the National Library of Medicine, 211info, and the Oregon Health Sciences Library Association made our work possible. Lastly, we would like to thank the entire Oregon community for support of the project.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call Emily Ford, Oregon Health Go Local Project Director. (503) 494-3915 or at

More information about this decision can be read at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Regional Medical Library blog:

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