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OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Physician-Researcher Named LIVESTRONG® Senior Medical Adviser

Unique national partnership strengthens battle against cancer

Deepening its strong partnership with the Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute, the cancer patient advocacy organization LIVESTRONG has selected Brandon Hayes-Lattin, M.D., as its senior medical adviser. Hayes-Lattin will advise LIVESTRONG on medical and scientific issues and serve as a spokesperson on those issues.

“LIVESTRONG is delighted to appoint Dr. Hayes-Lattin as the foundation’s first senior medical adviser,” said Andy Miller, LIVESTRONG executive vice president. “He has been a dedicated member of our organization for years and we selected him because of his outstanding reputation as a leader and expert in the field and for his tireless devotion to fighting cancer.”

Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong and based in Austin, Texas, LIVESTRONG fights for the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today.  

Hayes-Lattin is the medical director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Program, and an assistant professor of medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine, Center for Hematologic Malignancies.

Trained and experienced in treating patients with various blood cancers and in stem cell transplants, Hayes-Lattin established the AYA program at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in 2006 with support from LIVESTRONG. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has defined adolescents and young adults with cancer as a distinct population diagnosed at ages 15 through 39. This is a special population with disparate research and health care needs.

A young adult cancer survivor himself, Hayes-Lattin brings unique insight and compassion his patients and their families, his students, and the research conducts. “I am truly honored by this appointment, and look forward to continuing my role with LIVESTRONG and at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. We are in an extraordinary position to bring the best treatments and services possible to AYA patients, their families and their communities.”

Hayes-Lattin was the first medical co-chair of the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance, a coalition of more than 100 organizations that conduct research and serve young adults with cancer. With the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance established the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Progress Review Group, publishing recommendations and strategic plans for the advancement of AYA oncology. Hayes-Lattin also serves on the AYA Committee in the Children's Oncology Group and advises many patient advocacy groups on the medical needs of AYA cancer patients.

About the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
With the latest treatments, technologies, hundreds of research studies and approximately 400 clinical trials, the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only cancer center between Sacramento and Seattle designated by the National Cancer Institute — an honor earned only by the nation's top cancer centers. The honor is shared among the more than 650 doctors, nurses, scientists and staff who work together at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute to reduce the impact of cancer.

About OHSU
The Oregon Health & Science University is the state's only health and research university, and Oregon's only academic health center. OHSU is Portland's largest employer and the fourth largest in Oregon (excluding government). OHSU’s size contributes to its ability to provide many services and community support activities not found anywhere else in the state. OHSU serves patients from every corner of the state, and is a conduit for learning for more than 3,400 students and trainees. OHSU is the source of more than 200 community outreach programs that bring health and education services to every county in the state.

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