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Library creates piece of artwork for Earth Day


You might want to take a peek at the "great wall" of anatomy slides hanging in the back of the library's circulation area (and also viewable from the third floor lobby).  In honor of Earth Day, the students and staff in Access Services helped bring it to life. There are more than 500 slides gracing the window at this time, with more to come.

There is some real history here: not only are these vintage slides but they have been stamped with OHSU Library labels before it was even called OHSU.  Several library staff remember working with these slides many years ago. Perhaps you'll recognize them too.

Special thanks to all library staff and students who helped in putting together this project, particularly Molly, Summer, Bonita, Kris, Friday, Judith and Amy.

Come and check out this new piece of groovy found-object artwork!

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