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Student Research Forum Winners

Congratulations SRF winners Krystina Sorwell (Poster presentation winner), David Roalf (2nd place Public Health oral presentation winner), Megan Herting (1st place Addiction & Behavior oral presentation winner), and Allison Anacker (2nd place Addiction & Behavior oral presentation winner). 

Nice work! 

A full listing of SRF winners follows....   

SRF Winner's Circle  -A full program can be downloaded at  

Poster presentation winners
Award - $200  

Emily Pratt - Biochemistry
Andrew Han – Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
Melanie Laederich – Cellular and Developmental Biology
Kyle Malloy – Integrated Biosciences
Meghan Betcher – Science and Engineering
Carole Kuehl – Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Stefanie Linch – Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Annie Behrend – Human Nutrition
Nick Vyleta – Neuroscience
Krystina Sorwell – Behavioral Neuroscience  

Oral Presentation winners
1st place award - $300
2nd Place award - $200  

Cancer Research
1st   Kinrin Yamanaka –  Physiology & Pharmacology
2nd  Stephen Hyter - College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University  

Public Health
1st   Brigit Adamus Hatch - Public Health and Preventive Medicine
2nd  David Roalf - Behavioral Neuroscience  

Technology & Medical Devices
1st   Zach Beattie – Biomedical Engineering
2nd  James McKanna  - Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology  

Cardiovascular Research
1st   Michelle Berny – Biomedical Engineering
2nd  Jonathan Nelson – Molecular & Medical Genetics  

1st   Raymond Hickey – Molecular & Medical Genetics
2nd  Daniel Coleman - College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University  

Addiction & Behavior
1st   Megan Herting – Behavioral Neuroscience
2nd  Allison Anacker - Behavioral Neuroscience  

Qualitative Medicine
1st   Kristin Swafford – SON- Population Based Nursing
2nd  Allie Buti (registered by Steven Fiala)– Public Health & Preventative Medicine
2nd  Heather Hill - Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology  

1st   Takahiro Hayashi – Department of Science & Engineering
2nd  Joshua Walker – Microbiology & Molecular Immunology  

1st   Daniel Cleary - Neuroscience Graduate Program
2nd  Nicole Paulk – Cell & Developmental Biology  

Drug Discovery
1st  Krisitn Diez Sauter – Cell & Developmental Biology
2nd Vincent Bicocca – Cell & Developmental Biology  

1st   Todd Groesbeck – SOD - Biomaterials and Biomechanics
2nd  Zev Einhorn – Neuroscience Graduate Program  

Developmental Biology & Stem Cell Research
1st   Molly Harding - Cell & Developmental Biology
2nd  Chelsea Shields Bahney - Cell & Developmental Biology

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