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Oregon Office of Rural Health Announces Second Round of Apple A Day Awards

The Oregon Office of Rural Health at Oregon Health & Science University has awarded a second round of Apple A Day Campaign grants to rural, volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in Oregon.

The Apple a Day awards are intended to assist with the cost of continuing education. Following is a list of a second-round awardees:

•    Tracy Foster, Alsea Rural Fire Protection District
•    Sally Carlson, Richard Carlson, Central Cascades Fire & EMS
•    Loretta Hyde, Kaydell Smith, Chemult RFPD
•    Chris George, Gilman Briston, Mellissa Wolff, Chiloquin Volunteer Ambulance Service
•    Jason Davis, Dufur Volunteer Fire & Ambulance
•    Wayne Endersby, Eagle Valley Ambulance
•    Jessica Hambright, Bradley Hambright, Rhea Aldal, McKenzie EASE
•    Jodie Harden, East Umatilla County Health District
•    Chance Liles, Huie Knight, Jr., Fairview RFPD
•    Terry Schmoe, Halfway Oxbow Ambulance
•    Kristopher Hunter, Karl Kennedy, Jeff Insley, Bonnie Wheeler, Hauser Rural Fire
•    Darrin Diegel, Hoodland Fire, #74
•    Christina Ellis, Idanha Detroit RFPD
•    Kelly Curtis, Lakeview Disaster Unit
•    Ian Tattam, Betty Baisch, Mitchell Ambulance
•    Bryan Vogt, Stacey Robinson-Cox, Matthew Allen, Michelle Ordway, Monument Volunteer Ambulance
•    Misty Hadermann, Nehalem Bay Fire Rescue
•    Glenna Wade, North Lake Co EMS
•    Denise Hilkey, Amanda Butler, Douglas Hedges, Parkdale RFPD
•    Mitchell Kuntz, Rogue River Fire
•    Christopher Burton, TVP-Nyssal
•    Samantha Prentice, West Valley Fire

The grants are supported by the Oregon Office of Rural Health through the Apple A Day Campaign. Established in November 2009, the Apple A Day Campaign is an ongoing effort to help support the recruitment and retention of volunteer first responders and EMTs in rural Oregon communities, many of which do not have full-time or paid EMS services. Instead, these communities rely on volunteers. Initial training costs and continuing education requirements, paid for out of the volunteer’s own pocket, put additional burdens on already stretched volunteers.

The Apple A Day Campaign is ongoing, with a yearly event associated with the annual Oregon Rural Health Conference. Individuals and organizations can contribute by going to the Oregon Rural Health Web site at and clicking on the “Apple A Day” link.

The mission of the Oregon Office of Rural Health is to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of health care for rural Oregonians.

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