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Free Food! Marquam Café gift certificates still available!

Database Trial: BMJ Clinicial Evidence  (ends 7/6/2010)

The first 20 OHSU patrons to take BMJ Clinical Evidence for a test drive will receive a $5 Gift Certificate for the OHSU Marquam Cafes! That's lunch. Or a whole week of coffee. Or donuts for your friends! Make sure to include your email address when you complete the brief feedback survey, to receive your gift certificate. OHSU Library staff is excluded from the offer.

BMJ Clinical Evidence is a leading international source of the best evidence for effective clinical decision making which includes systematic reviews covering the benefits and harms of over 3300 interventions in over 670 clinical situations. For students, Clinical Evidence provides an introduction into the world of EBM and models the importance and use of systematic reviews to inform clinical practice. Also included is breaking research, to place this research in the context of systematic reviews, and communicate the results of the available to patients. See the User Guide for details on searching.

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