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From the Archives: A game of horseshoes

Dr. OsgoodOsgood steps to the pitcher’s box. He needs a ringer to finish off this inning if he hopes to catch Allen and Gaines now. Myers carried the team early, and three points here could put them within one. Clink, thunk . . . And he’s done it! He has to be happy with that throw.

Perhaps it is Sunday, a sultry Sunday in August. The enervating heat has driven the men out of the labs and onto the horseshoe pitch as thunderheads build over the Cascades. Today, the players are primarily basic science faculty, come to campus to tend their various experiments. The clinical men are out making rounds at the downtown hospitals, calling at patients’ homes, but tomorrow they might join in. A game of horseshoes was ritual and relaxation, a way for the faculty to gather and converse, share ideas and pursue interdepartmental collaboration.

This photograph, and others in the series of ten images, was preserved in the commemorative scrapbook given to Dean Richard B. Dillehunt upon his retirement from the medical school in 1943. And the pitch? It was filled in for the construction of the library building in October 1938.

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