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Changes in Interlibrary Loan Fees (ILL) for former OGI Library Users

Currently, students, faculty and staff at the west campus (formerly OGI) are not charged for interlibrary loan (ILL) requests. However, students on the main campus are charged $2.00 per request, and faculty/staff are charged $10.00 per request.

Since many OGI Divisions have become integrated into the School of Medicine, this is no longer an equitable policy. It is also not sustainable for the Library, which is operating with reduced staff in the current financial climate.

With that in mind, as of September 1st, all library users will pay the same fees for interlibrary loan requests. If you have questions about fees, consult the library ILL page:

Please note that the library absorbs all costs above $10.00, including copyright fees. Since the cost of an online pay-per-view article averages between $30.00 – $80.00, OHSU users still receive great value from using the library’s ILL services. 

The OHSU Library works hard to make its interlibrary loan services convenient and efficient for faculty, students and staff. If you have questions, they’re happy to help! Please send comments and questions, or report problems to or call (503)494-2399 or (503)494-3491 if you need further assistance.

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