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Now arriving in Graduate Studies: new students, new programs

New Graduate StudentsThe OHSU School of Medicine is excited to welcome 203 new Graduate Studies students to the start of the 2010 academic year. Spread out over 26 programs, the new students come from 10 different countries – including China, India, Iran and Turkey – and a variety of career and academic pathways. While some have recently completed undergraduate degrees and are continuing straight into masters programs, others are returning to study after following time spent in health and other careers. Of the 203 incoming students, just under half are from Oregon and 37 (18 percent) are international students. Five class members already hold PhD degrees, 31 (15 percent) have Master's degrees and 39 (19 percent) have a medical degree.

In addition to welcoming the new students, the program also features two new degrees this year. Administered jointly by OHSU and Oregon State University, the Oregon Medical Physics (OMP) program will offer Masters and PhD degrees in Medical Health Physics and Therapeutic Health Physics. The Cancer Biology PhD program will be taught by faculty from OHSU and Portland State University, and students may select into the program at the start of their second year of study.

The incoming class also mirrors a national demographic trend. Data recently released by the Council of Graduate Schools show that more doctoral degrees were awarded to women than to men in the 2008-2009 academic year, and that women now outnumber men in graduate school enrollment. At OHSU, women account for 56 percent of the newly-arriving PhD candidates and 55 percent of the candidates for Masters’ degrees.

“We are delighted to welcome our new graduates, both to our new programs and our established ones,” said Allison Fryer, PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. “This is an exciting time to be entering health care science and research, and I look forward to the contributions these incoming students will make to our graduate studies program.”




“I worked with dialysis and diabetic patients and loved what I was doing. But I wanted to do more. I wanted to help the whole patient.”

- Jamie Tuchscherer


Incoming and current students were welcomed back to the new academic year with a barbeque. Click here to read more and see the photos

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