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Good news comes in threes

Three Behavioral Neuroscience PhD graduate students have received NIH NRSA awards. Megan Herting, James Stafford, and Allison Anacker are now independently-funded researchers.  They recently received notification of grant award for the following NIH-NRSA (F31) applications:

  • Megan Herting: Exercise and hippocampal structure and function in adolescents
  • James Stafford: Behavioral and molecular analysis of chromatin modifications in memory retrieval
  • Allison Anacker: Socially-facilitated excessive alcohol drinking in a novel prairie vole model


In June, Lauren Dobbs, received her notification of grant award for her NIH-NRSA (F31) application: Role of mesopontine cholinergic afferents in methamphetamine reward.

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