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Highlights in Nursing funding

2010 highlights in nursing funding

 •    The School of Nursing was able to secure $600,000 funding from the Helene Fuld Foundation that has immediate impact on nursing scholarships and has the added benefit of creating an endowment for scholarships into perpetuity.  Those scholarships supported students pursuing a second degree in nursing and have statewide impact.


•    Health and Human Services announced that they will expand the nation's primary care workforce.  Included in that announcement was the success of OHSU School of Nursing in securing $1,283,040 in student stipends to increase the number of primary care NPs we prepare statewide over the next 5 years.  This grant was a time-sensitive grant that required the efforts of a good number of individuals over the early months of this summer.  Dr. Anne Rosenfeld is the PI on this grant, which complements the funding she has already received that benefits DNP students pursuing work in rural underserved areas.


•    Dr. Lisa Wood received notice today of her first R01 award.  Her funding is based on her work in identifying "Mechanisms of Cancer Treatment Related Syndrome" which complements the work of the Knight Cancer Institute from a nursing perspective.  She will receive nearly $2,000,000 over five years for this substantive research.


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