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Neurological Surgery devotes new laboratories to research and training

Neuro labThe OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery recently completed renovation of new research laboratories. The project marks the realization of Chair Kim Burchiel’s vision for a unified, modern neurological surgery research lab and the culmination of 10 years of collaboration with OHSU leadership, architects and laboratory designers.

The construction project included approximately 6,600 square feet of renovation on the third floor of Richard Jones Hall. Research labs, a behavior testing facility, faculty and staff offices, a graduate student office and a conference room now replace the 2,374 square feet of assorted spaces spread over three floors in two buildings that OHSU Neurosciences previously occupied.

The new laboratories provide research space for the clinician-scientists within the Department of Neurological Surgery, such as Justin Cetas, MD, PhD, Instructor, and Dan Guillaume, MD, Assistant Professor. Proximity not only facilitates interactions within the department by bringing basic scientists and clinician-investigators together, it makes collaboration easier with the Departments of Physiology & Pharmacology and Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine. Neurosurgery is growing its pain and integrative function research effort. Shaun Morrison, PhD, Senior Scientist, Neurological Sciences Institute, an internationally recognized expert in thermoregulation who is currently at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, will join the group within the next few months.

The project was a first in many respects for both the institution and the contractors. The testing facilities, for example, are lined entirely in copper sheets – a complicated construction technique that allows researchers to know their results are not tainted by electromagnetic frequencies.

OHSU Neurosciences is one of the nation’s leading neurologic research and training programs and provides the most comprehensive care of neurologic illnesses in the Pacific Northwest. The nationally recognized neurological programs and centers in the neurosciences departments offer comprehensive clinical and surgical services, as well as advanced research and clinical trial opportunities.

Particulars: Kim Burchiel, MD, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery

Neuro lab Susan Ingram, Associate Clinical Professor at Washington State University, and Kim Burchiel, MD, Chair and Professor, OHSU Department of Neurological Surgery, in the renovated lab space
Neuro labBeth Fee, Grants Coordinator, Department of Neurological Surgery, enjoying her new office space

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