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Dr. Newgard and team focused on research to improve national trauma system efficiency

Dr. NewgardCraig D. Newgard, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, is undertaking a significant research project related to national trauma guidelines for field triage. Dr. Newgard’s project, "Prospective Validation and Cost Analysis of the National Guidelines for Field Triage," will be funded for $600,000 over two years and will include 3 regions (including Josephine County in Southern Oregon), was recently awarded a R01 grant by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Out-of-hospital trauma triage is a critical component of trauma systems and the primary mechanism for concentrating seriously injured patients in major trauma centers, yet the national triage guidelines have never been rigorously validated or subject to formal cost analysis. In this project, Dr. Newgard will use a prospective, population-based, out-of-hospital injury cohort of children, adults, and elders to examine the accuracy and cost implications of the field triage guidelines, plus seek opportunities for improving the triage algorithm.
The project involves generating unbiased age-specific estimates of decision scheme accuracy among a broad, representative injury population, plus evaluation of the cost implications of field triage.
Results from this study could have substantive implications for improving the cost-effective regionalization of seriously injured patients.
“With increasing cost constraints and budget challenges, data-driven solutions to increase trauma system efficiency and cost-effectiveness are desperately needed,” said Dr. Newgard. “We're seeking solutions that will reduce costs and preserve valuable resources, while still maximizing injury outcomes.”

Pictured: Dr. Newgard

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