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President Robertson reports on recent philanthropic success

In addressing the exceptional support OHSU has received this year from philanthropic partners, President Joe Robertson, MD, said that during the most difficult economic period in modern memory—when academic health centers across the country were reporting an average 20 percent decrease in philanthropy—people throughout Oregon and beyond stepped up their support to OHSU by nearly 50 percent compared to the previous year.

He thanked everyone for the passion and productivity that helped inspire this giving, including the donors who saw fit to invest in OHSU.

The numbers at a glance:

  • $78.5 million is the amount of philanthropic support invested in OHSU in FY10
  • 16,000 is the number of donors—including individuals, corporations and private foundations—who provided that support
  • 13 individuals made gifts of $1 million or more
  • Support for research and other programs accounted for nearly 57 percent of total contributions
  • Just over $42.5 million raised through the Faculty Support Initiative (which includes all gifts in support of faculty from research funds, equipment gifts and endowed positions, and other categories)
  • $15 million raised in scholarship support
  • $380 million endowment grew in value by nearly 11 percent
  • Gifts from employees and alumni accounted for nearly 8 percent of total contributions
  • The total number of donors was up 6 percent over last year

President Robertson pointed out that these results are a milestone on the road to both a larger goal and a higher objective.

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