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Specialty Speed Dating: Searching for that elusive match

It may not always happen in a blaze of fireworks, but at some point all students in the MD program have to declare a specialty – ideally one that they will pursue for the rest of their careers. It’s often a decision for which there are many more questions than answers.

Medical Specialty Speed Dating, held this year on Nov. 16, is a place where students can bring those many questions and hopefully leave with some of the answers. Sponsored by the School of Medicine Alumni Association (SMAA), the event drew 27 community and faculty physicians - including 19 alumni - in 24 specialties, and 77 students.

“This event was the culmination of an elective course covering specialty choice, although many who were not taking the course also attended,” said Ilana Weinbaum, MS2 and student representative on the Alumni Council, who led the team that organized the event. “The small-group format and the limited time with each specialist meant we had to focus hard on the questions that will help with our decisions - such as ’Would you choose this specialty again?’ or ‘Will this specialty allow me to pay back my loans in a reasonable timeframe?’”

“The Alumni Association is very happy to support this important event,” said Robert J. Laird, MD ’68, SMAA President. “Choosing a specialty is a decision that should not be lightly taken, and it was hard to say which was more gratifying to see – the active engagement of so many alumni physicians or the enthusiasm of the students.”

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Pictured: Students meet with specialists to ask questions on future career choices

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