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Dr. Rosenbaum is Friedenwald Award recipient

Dr. RosenbaumThe Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) has honored James T. Rosenbaum, MD, FARVO, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, with the Friedenwald Award.

The Friedenwald Award is named for Jonas S. Friedenwald, MD, and was established in 1957. It recognizes exceptional scientific research as applied to ophthalmology. Dr. Friedenwald pioneer studies on the pathogenesis of glaucoma, corneal wound healing and diseases of the retina laid the groundwork for future generations of investigators.

According to the ARVO website, Dr. Rosenbaum was recognized “for his primary responsibility in the initial description of endotoxin-induced uveitis in a rodent model that is standard to study innate immunity and intraocular inflammation. Rosenbaum and his collaborators have combined contributions to understanding the pathophysiology of intraocular inflammation with advances in the characterization of many clinical forms of uveitis.”

Dr.  Rosenbaum will present the Friedenwald Award Lecture, “Why HLA-B27? A Three-decade Quest,” at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 3.

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