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LCME update: A focus on medical students


  • The accreditation team is finishing LCME Database – the foundation for our self-study narrative
  • LCME Student Committee is compiling results of the medical student survey
  • School of Medicine Alliance has earmarked funds to improve Student Lounge and study areas
  • General resource needs assessment continues

The School of Medicine accreditation self-study process for the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) continues to generate valuable information about all aspects of the undergraduate medical education program. As the June 1, 2011 target for completing the LCME Database nears, the SoM LCME Accreditation Team and the 11 accreditation committees remain on track to meet the deadline. The Database, which addresses the 130+ LCME accreditation standards, serves as the foundation for the School’s self-study narrative. Both documents and other support materials will be submitted to the LCME next fall in preparation for the LCME survey team site visit Jan. 22-25, 2012.

The LCME accreditation self-study process involves more than 150 faculty, staff and students in data collection and assessment to identify strengths we can build on and areas where we can do better. The self-study is already driving change, stimulating innovation and helping support an environment of continuous improvement. Following are a few of the recent self-study developments.

LCME student survey

The LCME Student Committee conducted a survey of all OHSU medical students, with a 92 percent response rate. The preliminary results of the 2011 LCME Student Survey are now being reviewed, and the Student Committee will hold focus groups with students in August. The sample size was 457, which includes all four medical program classes, and MD/MPH and MD/PhD students. Students were asked about the MD program in the following areas: Student-Faculty Relationships & Policies, Academic Counseling, Career/Residency Counseling, Personal Counseling, Financial Aid Services, Student Health Services, Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (CeDMA), Curriculum, School and University Facilities, Community – Interprofessional Education, Student Safety and Quality of Life and Well Being. Student focus groups will concentrate on key findings of the survey and make recommendations. Final results of the survey will be posted in the Student Info section of the internal LCME website (login required).

Student areas improvements

Also related to OHSU medical students, the School of Medicine Alliance (SMA) has earmarked up to $5,000 for improvements in the Old Library Student Lounge and study areas. Improvements to date include desk chairs and study tables, better lighting, removal of broken furniture, and general repairs and cleaning. During summer break, new workstations and furniture will be installed and painting and repairs completed. A 2008 SMA project supported furnishing Call Rooms for medical students in OHSU Hospital.

General resource needs assessment

The LCME committee reports and recommendations, as well as the overall self-study process, help identify areas requiring resources. Some of the areas identified by LCME committees to date include faculty development for teaching roles; student financial aid, support for medical student scholarships, and student debt management counseling; and database development for important aspects of the undergraduate medical education program, particularly in the areas of outcomes, competency assessment, and program standards. 

For additional information and updates regarding the LCME accreditation self-study process, visit the LCME internal website (login required). 

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