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Heart research by Drs. Barker and Thornburg published widely in US and international media

EHR CoverHeart research recently published in the European Heart Journal by David Barker, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine, and Kent Thornburg, PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine and Director, Heart Research Center, has been picked up by over 25 US and international publications, including US News & World Report, MSN and Daily India.

The paper is titled, "Mother's body size and placental size predict coronary heart disease in men, links increased risk of coronary heart disease in adults to birthweight."

Dr. Barker, study lead author, told US News, “Chronic disease is the product of a mother's lifetime nutrition and the early growth of her child. It is not simply a consequence of poor lifestyles in later life. Rather, it is a result of variations in the normal processes of human development.”

Colleagues who contributed to the research study include Johan G. Eriksson, Eero Kajantie and Clive Osmond.

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