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Dr. Starr takes on new role at OHSU

Dr. Starr was named a winner of the Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research – often called the U.S. equivalent of the Nobel Prize – in 2007 in recognition of the enormous impact his work has had on prolonging and enhancing lives of millions of people with heart disease.

Albert Starr, MD, best known for co-inventing and implanting the world’s first successful artificial heart valve, is taking on a new role at OHSU as special adviser to OHSU Dean of Medicine Mark Richardson, MD, MBA, and OHSU President Joe Robertson, MD, MBA In his new position, Dr. Starr will leverage his extraordinary experience to enhance and build OHSU’s public and private partnerships in research, education, clinical care and outreach to improve the health of all Oregonians.

“Dr. Starr’s work has touched many families throughout Oregon,” said Dr. Robertson. “His work has been extraordinary. All of us at OHSU are proud and excited that he has chosen to spend this part of his career advancing our missions, and working for innovation and improvement of Oregonians’ cardiovascular health.”

Dr. Starr most recently was Director of Bioscience Research and Development at Providence Health System and medical Director Emeritus of the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute. His new role with OHSU begins July 25.

Through his many years of providing expert clinical care and his development of the groundbreaking Starr-Edwards heart value, Dr. Starr has saved and prolonged the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Oregon and across the world. Dr. Starr is one of Oregon’s best-known surgeons – his work has had a beneficial impact on families in every corner of the state.

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