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Who needs summer camp when you can go to OHSU’s ‘Camp Monkey’?

OHSU’s primate center hosts a science camp this Friday for the region’s future researchers

More than 70 local middle-school students will attend a summer camp like no other this Friday, July 29, as Oregon Health & Science University launches its first ever “Camp Monkey.” The day camp, which will be held at OHSU's Oregon National Primate Research Center, will allow students to a hands-on experience in science.

Across the 165 acres of OHSU's West campus, various workstations will be set up allowing students to learn about:

  • Comparative anatomy among humans, primates and other animals — This workshop will help students understand the role of animals in developing new health treatments for humans and animals alike – specifically in the area of reproductive medicine.
  • Genetics — Students will study the structure of DNA, learn basic the concepts of inheritance, and use state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to separate DNA fragments.
  • Monkey behavior — Students will get an up-close view of the animals that live at the primate center. The students will also chat with one of the primate center’s animal behaviorists and learn about these amazing animals that tell us so much about ourselves.
  • Environmental enrichment — Providing environmental enrichment is important when caring for captive species. Students will make monkey treats and toys.
  • Poisons in our Environment — Students will learn how environmental contaminants affect wild populations of monkeys, frogs, fish, mice and alligators and gain a better appreciation for the importance of good environmental practices.
  • Endangered Species — Students will learn how in vitro fertilization and cryopreservation techniques are saving endangered species. They will practice these techniques through a simulation exercise.

Camp Monkey is sponsored by the Society for the Study of Reproduction. The society will hold its annual meeting in downtown Portland July 31 to Aug. 4.

Editors note: Camp monkey will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, July 29. The event will be highly visual and reporters/photographers are invited to attend. Contact Jim Newman in OHSU's communications office for more information.

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