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Thank you! The School of Medicine Alliance spruces up the student study lounges .

SMAThe School of Medicine is deeply grateful to the School of Medicine Alliance for the enthusiasm, creativity and hard work associated with refurbishing the student study lounges. These student study areas are located throughout the Old Library building – on the basement, second and fourth floors. They include lockers, 2 kitchens, a shower, 2 computer rooms with printers, a large open lounge with sofas and chairs that looks out over the Mackenzie Hall fountain and courtyard, and six private breakout study rooms.

Over several years, inattention to the study area had resulted in their becoming run down, with poor lighting and haphazard furniture, and in need of thorough cleaning. Under the leadership of School of Medicine Alliance Board member Rosanne Sachson, the study rooms have now been transformed into attractive, light-filled and ergonomically correct spaces.

“Rosanne brought her professional expertise, talent and positive energy to this project, and made it a success,” said Jodi Karr, President of the School of Medicine Alliance. Roanne Sachson is an architectural, interior designer. “Additionally, Anita Taylor’s role in the Dean’s office allowed us to hear directly from students about what was needed in the lounges.”

smaOHSU Logistics helped identify lightly used, surplus furnishings. “Logistics is a great resource at OHSU. Don’t overlook OHSU Logistics when you are remodeling or refurbishing!” said Rosanne. Among many tasks, OHSU Housekeeping helped get the carpets and walls cleaned, and scrubbed out the bathrooms and kitchens.

“We had such wonderful support and cooperation on this project from OHSU staff, particularly Logistics and Housekeeping,” said Rosanne and Jodi.

The Alliance provided funds to purchase much needed new lamps and other necessities for the study rooms. To help ensure that student requests for the study rooms are regularly addressed, the Alliance added a large posterboard in the main room where students can write down any needed items or actions. Also, student leadership will be bringing any needed maintenance to the attention of the Office of the Dean.

“This project is a strong affirmation of your friendship to the School of Medicine for which I am truly grateful. We have already heard from several of our students that the revitalization of these rooms is a great improvement. In the future, we will ensure that they don’t devolve to that condition again,” wrote Dean Richardson in a thank you message to the School of Medicine Alliance leadership.

The School of Medicine Alliance invests in special projects that directly benefit students. Among their many recent projects, the Alliance was responsible for furnishing the new student on-call rooms and installing new bike racks for students in the basement of the Old Library]. Learn more about the School of Medicine Alliance.

A big thank you to OHSU staff who gave support and assistance during the Old Library refurbishing project!

Logistics: Sean Hurley, David Newell, Nicole Evans, , Kenneth Hinau, Kevin Nelson, Randy Nelson, Emily Boring, Shawn Cogan, Bill Henterly

Dock 4: Dan Lightle

Housekeeping: Kathy Croft, Tim Smith, Joe Davis, Jason Pulis, Phuong Do, Cody Caron, Marina Pitalenko, Svetlana Pitalenko, Carlos Reyes, John Gillespie, Ken Ritz, Jeannie Kramer, Vincent Morales

Pictured above: (top) student lounge; (bottom left to right) Rosanne Sachson and Jodi Karr















Student lounge desks















Student lounge work stations














Rosanne Sachson (left) and Anita Taylor

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