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Northeast Oregon AHEC contributes $90K to Oregon Office of Rural Health’s ‘Apple A Day’

The Northeast Oregon Area Health Education Center (NEOAHEC) has made a $90,000 contribution to the Oregon Office of Rural Health (ORH) Apple A Day Campaign. The campaign is an ongoing effort by the ORH to help support continuing education for volunteer rural emergency medical services (EMS) providers.

“This is a great opportunity to match our commitment to EMS education with that of the Apple A Day Campaign,” says Amy Dunkak, executive director of NEOAHEC. “We know firsthand the importance of trained EMS providers in our rural health care system. They are the front door into the health care system for many of our residents. Available and trained EMS helps ensure that is a positive experience.”

“We are excited about the support we are receiving from NEOAHEC,” says Scott Ekblad, director, Oregon Office of Rural Health. “They are truly dedicated to improving the health care of rural communities and have had a long interest in EMS training. This contribution will allow us to expand training opportunities from individuals to qualifying rural agencies as well. There is a great need for this training, and we are so pleased to be able to offer this.”

The ORH Apple A Day campaign currently offers grant opportunities to individual rural volunteer EMS and First Responders. The NEOAHEC donation allows the Apple A Day Campaign to expand grant opportunities to qualifying rural EMS agencies.

Many rural communities and agencies do not have full-time or paid EMS services. Instead they rely on volunteers. Initial training costs and continuing education requirements, paid for out of the volunteer’s own pocket, puts additional burdens on already stretched personnel.

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