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OHSU health information becomes even more mobile

A new cadre of smart phone users now has access to their OHSU patient records thanks to a new Android application. Last year, the MyChart application was released for Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. Now Android users have access to their health information while on the go.

Both the Apple and Android applications allow patient access to:

  • Test Results – Once they have been released by your health care provider.
  • Messages from the doctor’s office – Patients can both view and reply to messages remotely.
  • Appointments – Patients can view future and past appointments, including information about the time and location of a visit.
  • Health advice – The application also allows patients to ask their health care team for medical advice anytime, anywhere.
  • Health advisories – The application tells you when you are due for vaccinations and other treatments.
  • A current health summary - See your health history, current diagnosis list and information on medications allergies and immunizations.
  • Proxy access – You can also access family members’ health information (with their approval). 

The MyChart mobile application requires a login to ensure your personal health information remains protected. The application uses the same bank-level security that is used for other sensitive data transferred via the Internet.

The MyChart mobile application is an extension of OHSU’s MyChart website, which provides users with 24-7 private and secure access to their health records via computer. The MyChart website has been available to OHSU patients since 2006.

"Since the launch of the Apple application last year, patients have told us that they appreciate having mobile access to health information. That's why we're so pleased with the release of the Android application," said Thomas Yackel, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., an associate professor of medical informatics and internal medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine. "The application can help you locate a physician’s office or ask questions of your provider while on the road. It demonstrates the evolving role of health care in providing easier, more immediate access."

Both the MyChart mobile applications and access to the MyChart website are free of charge. To sign up for MyChart, patients need to get an activation letter when checking in for an appointment or during the appointment itself. The MyChart mobile application is available once patients have signed up for MyChart online.

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