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Faculty of 1000 comes to OHSU!

Faculty of 1000 comes to OHSU!

Faculty of 1000 is a service for researchers and clinicians that provides ratings of and commentary on scientific research papers. F1000 acts as a filter, identifying and evaluating the most significant articles from biomedical research publications. A peer-nominated 'Faculty' of scientists and clinicians select and evaluate important papers in their areas of expertise, usually tagging them as well to further classify papers as Clinical Trials, Novel Drug Targets etc, with the goal of rating research on its own merits rather than according to the prestige or Impact factor of the journal in which they are published.

The Faculty of 1000 service also includes F1000 Biology Reports and F1000 Medicine Reports journals, which present peer-reviewed commentaries on emerging themes in biology and medicine. These open access journals are currently indexed and/or abstracted by Scopus, Embase, Global Health, CAB Abstracts and PubMed Central.

Also included is F1000 Posters, an open access repository of posters and presentations from international conferences across biology and medicine.

Evaluated Articles

  1. Evaluated Articles are collated by Faculty and Section (subspecialty), cross-indexed, and tagged – making them easy to search and browse.
  2. Faculty Members and their Associate Faculty Members select and evaluate the best articles they have read in their specialties.
  3. Evaluations are brief, accessible comments, highlighting the key findings and putting the work into context, accompanied by numerical scores to allow calculation of ratings and rankings.

F1000 Ratings and Rankings

  1. Articles are rated Recommended, Must Read, or Exceptional.
  2. Ratings are used to calculate the F1000 Article Factors (FFa), which in turn allow them to rank the articles across all specialties. The F1000 Journal Factor (FFj) is a measure of how well an individual journal is performing on F1000. It is calculated from the individual FFa values and normalized according to the total number of eligible articles each journal has published. Journals are ranked by FFj down to Section (specialty) level.
  3. The highest-ranked articles are listed for all of biology and medicine, and for each of 300+ specialties. Categories include All Time and Current Top 10s, Hidden Jewels, and All Time and Current Most Viewed.

See F1000 Faculty Members at Oregon Health & Science University.

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