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OHSU statement on questions about photos in stem cell paper

On May 22, OHSU was alerted to questions about photos that accompany the research paper titled Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer. The paper was published in the journal Cell on May 15 and has received a significant amount of news coverage.

After learning of these questions, OHSU had several discussions with the journal. Based on OHSU's initial reviews and the original assessments by Cell, OHSU agrees that there were some minor errors made when preparing the figures for initial submission. More specifically, these errors occurred when images were transferred from the research data into the paper.

Neither OHSU nor Cell editors believe these errors impact the scientific findings of the paper in any way. We also do not believe there was any wrongdoing.

OHSU is sending additional information to Cell, including photos and original data. Our shared goal is to publish a correction noting the errors and correcting the photos as soon as both OHSU and Cell feel the issues are fully investigated.

We should also note that, prior to the questions raised by PubPeer, OHSU had started the process of sending our cloned cells to researchers who had requested them for continued studies. We fully expect those scientists will verify the cells as being cloned cells as part of their research efforts.

For additional information, the journal Nature has published an accurate and detailed description of the error.

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