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OHSU Emergency
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As of Wednesday, May 12

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As the state's academic health center, Oregon Health & Science University remains engaged with state and local public health authorities and health systems across the metro area to coordinate a regional response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to contain the spread of the virus, including through the use of vaccines that first arrived at OHSU on Dec. 15.

Beginning in the earliest days of the pandemic, OHSU activated an emergency operations center that adapted response plans already in place from previous pandemic influenza outbreaks.

OHSU has prepared to treat a surge of patients with COVID-19, while working proactively to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and protect our workforce.

Community COVID-19 vaccination sites

OHSU has committed its entire organization to deploying COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they are available, starting with difficult-to-reach community members in Phase 1A, including SEIU and independent home health care workers, and individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.

This effort will expand as the Oregon Health Authority defines other groups who are eligible and distributes vaccines allocated to the state by the federal government.

Because vaccine supply is limited, vaccinations will be provided only through appointments made through OHSU for eligible OHSU patients or organizations representing priority groups of people identified by the state health authority. OHSU has established an online resource to help OHSU patients determine if they are eligible and to make an appointment to get vaccinated. The university has also engaged students and trainees to vaccinate Oregonians.

At this time, OHSU Health is collaborating with community partners and other hospitals and health systems to offer vaccinations at the following sites:

Mobile, drive-through testing

As Oregon’s academic health center, OHSU is committed to ensuring all Oregonians have access to COVID-19 testing and appropriate health care, particularly people of color and other individuals from communities hardest hit by COVID-19. 

To achieve this goal, OHSU has one low-barrier drive-up testing facility in the Portland region at the Portland Expo Center. This low-barrier testing site does not require an appointment or referral, is free to the patient (although insurance will be charged if the patient has insurance) and is available to OHSU and non-OHSU patients alike. Low-barrier testing sites are extremely effective at providing access to testing for anyone who needs it. They are also extremely resource intensive.

OHSU’s COVID-19 mobile testing site is currently providing tests to asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals, without appointment or referral, who meet criteria outlined in the Oregon Health Authority’s Guidance for clinicians regarding COVID-19 testing. (OHSU’s testing criteria are expected to change in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and OHA guidelines, and the availability of testing supplies.)

OHSU’s mobile sites have tested more than 700 individuals per day during periods of high demand, running two lanes. Of those, between 10% and 20% are OHSU patients who require testing prior to receiving procedures or surgeries that are medically necessary. Advance testing helps ensure the health and safety of the care team and conserves scarce resources by ruling out the need for a higher level of personal protective equipment. The remaining 80% to 90% are individuals independently seeking testing, including those who have established care with other health systems.

To increase access for high-risk groups, we have moved some of OHSU’s pre-surgical patient testing to at an outpatient clinic at the South Waterfront. On Dec. 7, OHSU dedicated the first two hours of daily operation for priority groups during periods of exceptionally high demand.

OHSU Health continues to offer coronavirus tests at the following location:

Learn more about details of testing. Guidelines may change at any time based on updated recommendations.

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Please consult these resources for the most current information on the COVID-19 response:

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