OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week nine

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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining
OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining
OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining

Members of the OHSU and AFSCME collective bargaining teams met May 10. They continued to exchange counterproposals and reached some tentative agreements ahead of the mutually agreed upon mediation starting later this month.

Two tentative agreements were also reached:



The OHSU bargaining team submitted several counterproposals, including a “union package” that bundles union business items into a single counterproposal. Also, in response to AFSCME’s proposal, the OHSU bargaining team submitted an MOU focused on broadening the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DEI) work to all of OHSU.



The AFSCME bargaining team submitted several counterproposals responding to OHSU’s items related to coaching and discipline, among others. OHSU submitted a counterproposal package late afternoon incorporating responses to all of AFSCME’s proposals from earlier in the day. This is different from the OHSU “union representative/steward package” noted above.



Mediation will begin May 24, as agreed by both parties. This is a routine part of the collective bargaining process where a neutral third party works with both collective bargaining teams to facilitate reaching an agreement. Because of the often-confidential nature of mediation, we may have fewer bargaining updates once mediation begins.



Collective bargaining will continue Tuesday, May 17.

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