OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week 14

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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining begins
OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining begins
OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining begins

The OHSU and AFSCME collective bargaining teams met on June 14 in their second agreed-upon mediation session. During these mediation sessions — which are a routine part of collective bargaining — a neutral third party works with both teams to facilitate reaching an agreement.

Yesterday, the teams reached tentative agreements on multiple items:


In addition to some of the items on which the parties reached tentative agreements, the OHSU team responded to the following AFSCME proposals:

The OHSU team had initially planned on providing an economic package in response to AFSCME’s proposals. However, after the mediator shared feedback from the AFSCME team, plans shifted and the OHSU team will be going back to the drawing board to prepare a revised response. Next week, the OHSU team will bring back an economic proposal that incorporates AFSCME’s feedback.



The AFSCME team responded to several of OHSU’s proposals:



The teams will next meet on June 21 in another mediation session. Because of the often-confidential nature of mediation, there may be fewer bargaining updates.

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