OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining enters week 15

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OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining
OHSU-AFSCME collective bargaining
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The OHSU and AFSCME collective bargaining teams met on June 21 in their third agreed-upon mediation session, a routine part of collective bargaining where a neutral third party works with both teams to facilitate reaching an agreement. The teams focused on OHSU’s revamped economic package, along with AFSCME’s package on staffing and other counter-proposals (details in the sections below).



In response to AFSCME’s feedback, OHSU untied many proposals within its economic package over the past three weeks, proposing them separately. The resulting revised OHSU economic package was then initially going to be presented during last week’s bargaining session. However, after the mediator shared feedback from the AFSCME team regarding economic issues, the OHSU team took the week to further refine and bolster the economic package. This package primarily includes a higher offer for the across-the-board increases, which are in addition to the increases employees will receive on their anniversaries. This economic package builds on the initial proposal detailed in week 10. Major changes to the economic package include:

The OHSU team looks forward to continued engagement with AFSCME. It is the hope of the OHSU team that this refined proposal will help retain current employees, recruit new employees and better meet union members' needs within the financial reality of OHSU.

Additionally, the OHSU team responded to the following:


The AFSCME team counter-proposed with a staffing package — meaning no item can be agreed to individually, rather the whole package must be responded to — that included the following items:

The AFSCME team also proposed a package around call back that included the following items:

Additionally, the AFSCME team submitted the following counter-proposals:



The teams will next meet on June 28 in a regular collective bargaining session.

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